Safe haven

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I'm trying to figure out the new me... I hope the hard work will pay off

    I don’t know.. I’m just empty, that’s sick. Really I’m bored about it, about the fact that I’ve been broken by a fucking girl, and all the other ones who don’t give a fuck, and don’t wonder about me…

I was bad about myself, lonely, and completely blocked from affection of hugs girls or friends. And it’s still not easy to get over it!!
I can’t run away from it, I just wish that someone that I love, would love me back as much as I love her…
I don’t know, I’m really loved by my friends, I’m quite friendly, girls find me handsome, But deep down in my heart, I feel lonely.. And I’ll be that way as long as, one of my crushes won’t love me back…

Yep I’m alone

By Ollie

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